søndag 10. april 2011

Blog much ?

Yeah, I know, I haven't blogged in even more a forever than ever! I am sorry for those of you that happen to read up on my life and who are no longer entertained by my non-existent blog. There really haven't been too much to blog about. My job was going ok, my personal life however, down the drain. So I decided to quit my job, and take care of my personal life instead. Only future will know if that was a good choice, but I honestly think it is -I can always make those extra 200grand a year some other time. My relationship however, n
ot going to come back if it breaks down.
The last two weekends have been spent by having cousin over (8 year old), and this weekend by having Kristin, "little sister" and Lise over for wine. My old boss and wife + dog came by too, which made it really awesome. Five bottles of wine later the "kids" went out, I stayed home, boss and wife +dog stayed an extra half hour and me and boyfriend went to bed earlier than any of the girls or others did -since some think we are the most boring crowd ever! However, I don't like going out to crowded loud bars with way too many drunk people -and also paying ridiculous amounts of money for drinks that hardly contain any alcohol. So boring or not, it's just the way I am.
Anyways, back to random blogging...
Lately I've been getting upset over the most random things, annoyed that people really don't seem to be very intelligent, but just careless and say the most random things about anything. Like politics for instance, not that that's a subject I know a lot about, but people just seem to be rambling about everyone else's opinions, instead of having their ow
n. Ok, I might be unfair, but I really think it seems like people just spit out whatever they read in the news, or whatever someone told them, whether it be parents, friends or the damn TV.

One of the government channels have been focusing on drug prices in Norway, not drugs as in narcotics or abuse -but drugs, as in any kind -blood pressure pills, cholesterol, anti-depressants, you name it they have looked at it. They even compared the prices to the pharmacies compared to the prices sold to the hospitals. It's not that I mind them focusing on this, quite frankly maybe our prices and the pricing system isn't optimal, but they are making us, the pharmacy look like that bad guys. That really pisses me off. We are not the bad guys. I know for a fact that the drugs are about 75 per cent of what we sell in the pharmacy, however, we make only 45 per cent of our income from it, because of the cheap prices. If it weren't for the very low prices, maybe we wouldn't have to sell all this other "crap" that we sell in the pharmacies. Thanks to our degree however, we don't compromise too much, and don't appreciate selling stuff to people just for the sales argument. If it is to help people, or to make them feel good about themselves (e.g. a nice face cream) then I don't find it too bad. I mean, it's either in our store, a beauty store, a perfum store, or quite frankly at your nearest ICA -so why not us.

I am proud to be a pharmacist, and I like to know that pharmacists or chemists are behind most products you buy anywhere. The quality we bring out to our customers, not just with our knowledge, but with the products we have should be appreciated and not stomped upon by some channel making us look bad. Yes, all companies can get better, yes, most companies sell stuff that makes them money, but guess what, if it wasn't for those stuff making us money, there would be no company and no service to the people. Would you really rather get your drugs off some machine outside ICA -like you now get your cigarettes ? Isn't there a part of you that feels safe knowing that the medicines you eat are safe to combine? What machine would ever catch that without TALKING to you.... I guess in some future there will be a list of medicines that are connected to you as an individual wherever you go, and the machines might actu
ally have a possibility to catch that since it is all in form -but is that the society we want? Machines instead of people ? I mean, who knows, maybe we don't even need cashiers at supermarkets, we just send our groceries/list through a machine, and they get delivered on the outside -or on your doorstep..
To something completely different...
I also get fascinated by the amounts of pictures of other peoples kids people post on Facebook. A gagdillion of them too... I mean, it's ok, Facebook is a good media, but some times I wonder if people actually know what they put out there. Especially when it is not your own kids, I mean, fair enough, you might be their aunt or their godmother or their cousin -but does the parents of these kids really allow all these photos of their tinys out there?

Just sayin'