onsdag 28. mars 2012

Gut feeling

All of the sudden I got this horrible gut feeling. You know -the feeling that you get when someone you know die, or to be less dramatic -get sick. Sad to say I only really think about the first option -having experienced it in the past, but anywho..

I just suddenly got this feeling at nine thirty on an ordinary wednesday. The worst part is I can't seem to shake it off either. I'm just hoping everyone I love is ok.

My gut feeling is also affected by the fact that I started thinking about our economy. Now to have this settled, we are WELL off.. We are two adults, with two decent paying jobs (I mean, I have a master of Pharmacy -kind of hard to get a low pay, and I'm good -which means not only do I get paid ok -I demand a good salary). But despise this fact, I still feel we aren't "saving enough".. When I say we, I mean I -however I do save a good decent chunk of money each month -in fact certain months is as much as 40% of my earnings.. Realisticly (with vacation money being spent a few months a head etc) we can say maybe 20 per cent of my income is savings. You would think I would be happy about that right?

Well I am not. However much money I seem to manage to save up -nothing, I mean nothing seems to be enough to buy a house in this damn city. By house I mean two bedroom apartments. And by having enough, I mean more than 3 million kroner. And yes -I do realize going further away from the city centre, or even pushing it further towards the socioeconomic "lower" areas of the city -but I don't want that... (making myself sound like a spoilt five year old here -you don't have to point it out, I am well aware).

I LIKE my area of the city, I feel safe here -for instance last time I was downtown and took the bus home around midnight -a guy with a gun walked on the bus (supposedly! I didn't actually see a gun, and no shots were fired). Scary. Now it must be mentioned I was taking the bus HOME, so technically I guess even taking the bus home where I do feel safe is dangerous enough in it self. The guy weren't actually taking the bus though, he was being chased by some other guys. -Enough about this.

So my reasoning?  I want a place that is close enough to the city so I won't feel like it's a hassle to go downtown. I wan't it to be cosy and nice, and not too far away from a local supermarked/store. I must admit the fruit store downstairs -which is more of a small local supermarked really is spoiling us with availability and descent prices too. I want a place that is close enough to work so I don't have to spend more than 30 minutes getting there -and I guess that's where the kicker is. Where we live now is perfect that way... Not too far, not too short (long enough for me to validate having a bus pass).

So that gut feeling? It's still bad, I feel horrible about not knowing what the future holds.. I am also scared someone I love is in trouble, or hurt, or sad, or worst case scenario -dead. If they read this however, it means they are not dead -which is good.

How was your day?