torsdag 29. juli 2010


Chrisis overted (is that the correct word? it sounds a bit weird inside my little head). I got my cousin working with me today and yesterday, and will borrow an employee from another pharmacy tomorrow. On Saturday I have a student coming in too, I was supposed to work alone, but I don't wanna stay here for five hours all by myself. First of all, it's ridiculously boring, second it's not the safest thing in the world in CASE anything were to happen.

Anyway... I've been feeling bad about work lately, and it makes me sad because going into this job I was sure I had found the job of my dreams. With my boss quitting, and all the other situations we have around here, I am no longer sure I feel the same way.
We are looking into buying a house, and as we all know buying a house in Oslo is basically out of the question. The house prices in a city are in general insane, wherever you go in the world. Concidering moving out to where my aunt lives, which means an hour fifteen minutes with the train for boyfriend to get to work. If he could remote in to work, or even have a home office day or two it would be even better, but who knows if that's even a possibility..

I feel like my life is in Limbo (like i probably mentioned), and even though I feel like all my friends are living or travelling abroad, I still feel good about staying in Norway. Staying here might be the safe bet, but staying here also means making sure we use all the great benefits socialist Norway has to offer.

The gym has not seen the looks of me since beginning of June. It feels horrible, but at the same time I really don't feel like going back. My weight is stuck on the same weight it's been at for a year. Even though I have built more muscles so my distribution has changed. I have to make a meal plan, and I know I have been talking about it for what, about six months now, but it's really hard for me to do. Being obsessive about food is not good for me, and not being obsessive about it is making me crazy too.

Guess I need to work a bit -waiting for one of our good coustomers to walk in the door.

onsdag 28. juli 2010


Watching so you think you can dance and Cat Deeley is seriously HOT. That woman is TAAAALL. She has the longest legs I've ever seen, although they are always stuck in a pretty nice shiny pair of heels. Whoa, just needed to say that.

Alex is out in this episode, and I am dreading to look online to see if he is cut now. Haha, I can't believe how dedicated I get into TV-shows. Don't even get me started on the season finale of Greys Anatomy... OMFG. I have so many favourites on So you think you can dance though, I don't even know where to start! I mean, they can't all win, and with Alex out this week (the one I had decided was my favourite), I have no idea. Well, right now it is Josè, the B-boy turned contemporary today! (or 4th of July weekend really, but still).

Work this week is... challenging. I am the boss of the pharmacy, currently managing noone but myself! funfunfun :) Can't say more about it, ah well, at least I have someone with me so that I can pee and also get food -yay for food. I'm not eating enough in the evenings because I quite frankly forget. Turns out right now we don't even have any food in the house. Well that was clever now wasn't it..

Ah well, to unfocused to blooooogg... Guess I'll have to make an omelette or something.

søndag 25. juli 2010

Back to life again

The rain outside my window seems to have calmed down again. It's grey everywhere, but apparently the sun will come back tomorrow. We'll see. For some weird reason I've been moody today. I don't really know why. I worry alot. I guess I have always been sort of a worrier. I wish I wasn't, trust me, I don't like pining in my thoughts and being emotional because of every twisted little thing. However - I am.

I think my biggest problem is I don't know how to accept that I should be happy. I have everything I need in the world. I have a great job, I have good friends (although scattered all over the world), I have the most amazing man I could ever have, but can I just accept everything and be happy? No I can't. I think there's something "wrong" with me. I think all those years of being told I was ugly and sweatty and discusting have finally caught up with me, and it's holding me down so badly. Why can't I just get over it, when I KNOW what's wrong, why can't I just push those bad feelings away and embrace all the good ones?

I want to try. I just had to write it out a bit. Yes, this is a public blog, yes, this is showing you some of the weird stuff going on inside my head. But hey, is that always a bad thing?

I have to figure out what to eat for the next few weeks. Main goal, less carbs and sugars, and more meat and vegetables.. and most importantly of all, enough calories to keep me going.

hope you are all well

fredag 23. juli 2010

Hobby much...

So I disconnected the TV before vacation. Reason? Norwegian NRK takes 1600 kr per 6 months for TV-license. So far (three days of jetlag) it has worked out pretty good. Although it means I have watched several (6) episodes of Greys anatomy, four of CupCakeWars and a couple of Ace of Cakes on my computer lately. Obsess much? Boyfriend has built one of his lego castles... Now I want one too because I was jealous of him building his...

I'm looking at landlords beads and think maybe I should do something there. I remember looing at Julies gorgeous earrings her mom made her, and concidering to make some myself. Going to Michaels in RI freaked me out a bit though, because I am not crafty woman, I am more handy woman. Like today, when I had to call up a gazillion people for fixing the electricity thing. I felt like I was on the phone forever. And even though some man came and helped me, I knew what to do about it. The thing is if I do it myself insurance won't matter if I'm "wrong".

I find myself getting bored of doing nothing, of just watching stuff on my computer. But when you think of it, watching stuff on my computer is no different than watching TV, and I spend less time doing it on my computer than I would TV, so basically it should make me happier. I should have more time to do other stuff, but what is this other stuff that I want to make time for? Really? Not much to be honest! :) I'm not crafty woman, I am handy woman.

Assuming going into lifting will be a good thing, and make my mind be set into another matter. I am going to try to do both lifting and crossfit after a while. Have to get back into workouts first. It's really hard. I'm still jetlagging, and I don't want to be. I wish I could just get off the plane and NOT be jetlagged. I wish jetlagged could go away... GO AWAY JETLAGGED.... :(


Stomach ache and electrical problems

I had too much strawberries with milk and cream...I don't know if it was the half bad strawberries or if it was the cream, but my stomach isn't feeling too good.

I had to close the pharmacy at noon today. The electricity had been out for three hours (alarm system still up and running though, good thing). I am going back to the pharmacy in a couple of hours to make sure everything is still up and running, PLUS figure out if we can open tomorrow or not. Five is when we are supposed to CLOSE today anyway, so there better be NOone waiting for me ('cept for one person who already called). It's funny, this is my boss second day of vacation, and already everything is a mess -isn't that typical, first one bad things happen and then the next.

Waiting for your cellphone to charge is pretty boring :P It's all I'm doing right now, since I have to be able to recieve calls from customers needing their meds. I ordered tickets to go home to see my family in sept/oct, this means I will NOT be going to Turkey to visit Ronja this year.. It sucks, and I am really sad about it.. But I really can't manage another vacation before october, and also the flights would be an extra 2 hours down there... Not that the bustrip from Evenes is less than 2 hours, but atleast I'm not leaving the country.

I've been travelling alot this year. First it was Fuerteventura in January, then I went up to Indre Troms to help out with a kickboxing event. After that I went to Rome with work during first of may weekend, before going 3 weeks to America with Pete this last 3 weeks. Antoher trip abroad is just too much for this year, and even though I am probably using all my hours and holiday-days this first week of October, I don't think we would have had the oportunity to go home for Christmas anyway. I have no idea how to break that to my mom, but I guess I have to do it one way or another.

I mean, is it very wrong of me to go home a week in October where I know I have the time, rather than hope I can find cheap tickets to go for a stressful five days in December... Nah, I don't really think so... I will have about ten days at home instead of mentioned five, PLUS there is no stress of christmas foods or meeting family for holiday dinners and or coffee+cake. All in all, good decision. Just wish Peter could come too.


onsdag 7. juli 2010

Hot hot hot

Not much going on these days. The weather is ridiculously hot. It's closing in on 100 degrees in the shade, meaning that its about 34 degrees celcius, IN THE SHADE. PHEW. We keep hiding out upstairs in the airconditioned room. It's fantastic, but it isn't 100% fantastic either, it just seems like its too hot for the AC to handle. ah well.

The sun is setting and the heat will hopefully become tolerable. We are going out for some food in a little while. Oh god, I just realized I turned into one of the 14-18year old bloggers who mention every little thing they do during the day. Ha ha.
We've been here for over a week already and I really do feel we aren't doing much. But then again, isn't that what vacationing should be all about? I don't know. Sometimes I feel like just sitting here is not enough, that I ought to be doing something -but I really don't feel like it.

The Americans are discussing politics, how the system works and how President Obama is doing. The general response from this camp -not very good. I dunno, I actually don't know anything about this. I also do not know much about Norwegian politics. Frankly, I really haven't cared much. However, maybe I should. Maybe I should get more into it, read up in it, and join the discussion. We live in the safest country in the world. One of the countries with the safest economy, and with the lowest amount of crime per capita... How I know this? Mainly because my boyfriend tells me.I feel like I should read up on things, but really I don't know where to start. There is so much I would like to know more about, not necessarily politics, but food, excersize, life in general...

ah well... maybe I have to make my new hobby reading up on things so I can be a smarter person... or that doesn't sound right, a more informed person? blah, I dunno.