torsdag 20. oktober 2011

Insane and sleepless

So I can't sleep... I'm in my bed, and have been for the last two hours it seems, and still no sleep... I'm thinking about all the things I shouldn't be. The usual as in: How my weight is still the same, how my work out routine still hasn't starter, how my damn foot is hurting so much I don't want to sign up for Crossfit before I can actually get my 925 NOK worth of training in there.. As of before operation = None. Operation time: who the freak knows...
"Man with wheelchairs at CDG"

Since my very very bad last blog I have been in the US for two weeks..We flew through Paris, a good experience over, bad one back home. Icelandair for the win, and even if it costs me more I am pretty sure I will chose them over anyone else no matter 200USD here or there...
"To New York I say"

I visited NY for my second time -and dropped by Magnolia bakery at grand central for some DELICIOUS cupcakes (Peanutbutter for the win). It was great fun with great friends, and we couldn't have hoped for a better day as the weather was splendid. In this blog post is some pics from the trip.
"Definetly not Low Carb Diet"

Back to my thoughts... I'm sad we didn't get the apartment we viewed and bid on right before leaving. I am also sad I can't seem to find any good ones for sale, and that the price of things is ridiculous. I hate it. Another sad fact.. I feel like I fail at life, that I am no good at anything (but my job) and that everyone else are living these fantastic great lives and accomplish all sorts of stuff... All I do is sit on my ass and make money... Useless much? Wtf is wrong with me, I should be allowed to let myself be happy, no?
"Lego blocks at Lego store"

Last rant of the night:
Then everyone seems to be debating low carb diets. First of all, what annoys me the most is all the controversy. There is no 100% right answer when it comes to dieting, nor is that my point of this statement, -Find a diet that suits you. NOT for the losing weight part, but for the feeling good about your self part. "Carbs" are not bad for you, but everyone should know by now that half processed, and full processed food is 1. often full of different sugar (eq. carbs), and 2. not very good for you. If you can cook your own food from scratch, and eat it in ok amounts, you're golden. Now if you have any disease, allergy, or want to lose weight -that's a different matter all together. I've found living without pasta/rice and other semi-processed stuff is actually quite nice. My intestinal system is doing just dandy (too much information) and I feel pretty much awake (well, except for when I do things like now, blog in the middle of the night). Whatever works for you, do it.. I will write a more medical view on it all later (after some article searches).

Frustrated and sleepless in Oslo

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nascentnovelist sa...

"If you can cook your own food from scratch, and eat it in ok amounts, you're golden."

- Exactly! Well put!

I think newspapers/publishers/marketing departments/magazines feel the need to turn different diet advice into fad-diets to sell more stuff. Not everyone needs to eat low-carb and though diet is important, dieting isn't necessarily so.