torsdag 5. april 2012


I'm scared I've lost you...
In fact I'm more scared I have hurt you by trying to be real.

You see, in my world, there is black and white -with shades of grey.
In yours -every color of the universe.
It's part of what I admire about you, the colors.

I wish I could comfort you,
tell you everything would be okay
-but like I said
I can't.

The shades of grey won't let me.
We all try our best to make things black and white,
but in all fairness life slaps you in the face more often than you'd think.

Believe me when I say things will be okay though.
It's not that I am retracting my first sentence
It's just the reality.

It will be OK.

But there will be bumps

Together we can climb every mountain
Just hold my hand
Trust me


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Ida Sundae sa...

<3 fint <3 hva skjer med deg kjære?? Send meg mail om du trenger tlc.