mandag 26. april 2010

Sixpacks and BJ's

So for some weird reason I just made a bet with boyfriend, or more, an agreement. If he gets a six pack, I'll give him BJ's. Ah well, luckily I still have a bit of time to get used to the idea, as the six pack is currently hiding out (so is my own). Ha ha, I know this is a public blog, please do not be offended, it was so funny I could not help myself to blog on it.

In other news we've been to the gym again, I did todays WOD (3 Squats for load and 10dips four rounds for time). I did 40kg squats. Time was 8 minutes 13,5 seconds. The first round the gravithingy I do the dips on was not ready, so I had to set it up. Which made me spend about a minute trying to figure the damn thing out. I felt like an idiot, even though I have done it before!!!! ARGH, so annoying.. ah well, I bet that messup wouldn't have made my time too high, probably around 6 minutes.

Tomorrow its hang power cleans and burpees. NOT looking forward to the burpees. Ah well. I'm going to try to do the WOD in the morning, since I don't start work until 12 am. I have a delivery at a dentist office to do too first, so a bit of travelling before any work :) Ah well! I am for once not getting my back rubbed on a tuesday. Nor any other day this weekend. Maybe next tuesday, if they still have an opening for me if I call them monday afternoon... Or maybe I should call them before leaving... hmm.. (ok, sorry, rambling on).

Going to Rome with work this friday, next friday up north and home for a confirmation
Busy life


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