mandag 10. mai 2010


I've been really busy.. Last weekend it was Rome with work, which was really cool. this weekend there was Simens confirmation -also very nice and "family time" which is always good. Although, when going back I really understood how much travelling alone sucks.. Noone to keep you company, noone to talk to, noone to hang out with. I bored myself to death.. When I got home I was exhausted, tired, and felt like an idiot because...

...well first of all, when travelling from Gardemoen I decided to take the local NSB train to save 95kr (as the airport express is more expensive, but IS faster). I thereby got into Oslo S about 20 mins later than if I had chosen the Airport Express... fair enough, I did save 90kr, it was just 23.15 already and I was dead tired. I get off the train, walk towards the tram and a junkie girl (probably my age) tries to stop me for a favour, I say I don't have time and hurry off -feeling kinda bad but.... As I walk out the doors of Oslo Central, the 12 tram is about to leave the stop, I try to make it but I don't... I walk over to the 11 tram, thinking ok, five minutes to 54 bus, five minutes to 11 tram, the tram is normally quicker.. err, WRONG! I see the 54 bus go by two minutes later...

Then, the 17 tram arrives at the same time as the 11 tram, meaning the 11 tram stops right behind it. And instead of doing the normal "wait for first tram to leave", he opens the doors in front and lets people out. This leading to people getting ON it aswell, meaning I have to walk with my suitcases to the front door of the tram. Seeing as I have TWO f***ing suitcases I struggle getting them ON the tram, and I can feel peoples eyes as I am delaying the tram from leaving (being stuck in the narrow doorway). I finally sit down and the tram goes forward, and STOPS on the stupid stop again, which means -as I thought, but didn't dare believe, that I could have waited for the stupid tram to stop again... When I arrive at the stop at home, I manage to get my suitcases out but smash them into the ground as I didn't take down the handles before carrying them off.. -again, feeling like an Idiot.

In addition to that I was trying to contact boyfriend to get him to meet me at tram stop... seeing at it was 23.40 and I wanted company on the short -but long way home... Of course his cell was without power.. this all led to me having a mental breakdown as I walked in the door, crying my eyes out because I was so tired... -silly? Yes definetly, but did I do it anyway? Yes

Sorry for boring you with my sappy boring life, needed to vent.
Really don't wanna go to the gym today.. slept about 5,5 hours and just wanna go home and snuggle in some blankets on the sofa... :( Hopefully will go anyway, project "getting better with food and excersize" starts now.. feeling way to crappy about myself not to..


Edit: Todays WOD is "Barbie" (modified from "Barbara"), the temptation of doing it at home is big, as it involves pull-ups, push-ups, situps and squats..

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Post resultater fra Barbie? (Jeg digget den!)