onsdag 12. mai 2010

Ice-coffee delievered!


Just a short update. I just did 3 rounds in 7 minutes of 10 HPC's and 20 situps (anchored). It was probably not supposed to be HPC's, but they didn't have an 11 kg bar at Spektrum (they don't, I knew from before) they had 20kg, and I chose to do HPC's instead of proper cleans. Anyway, not too happy with only 3 rounds, but then again, I'm not a big dawg, I'm a puppy, and in some cases a buttercup. I warmed up with my usual 1k row (haha, usual, I've done it twice). Improved my time with 3 seconds, so now my time is 4 min 30,6s. Working my way down! I cashed out with 10 jumping smith machine pullups (really managing to hold myself on the way down now). And 3x10 HSPU with my feet on a bench, well, feet, I had my thighs on it, right above my knees (gotta start somewhere).

But to the topic, Cass brought me a icelatte at work today! She came by the pharmacy randomly and gave me an ice coffee! Oh thank you so much, you made my day and made me feel so incredibly special! <3<3<3 Three hearts for you for being so awesome. I will hang out with you, when we have time.. hehe :) Busy lives. Luckily the pharmacy was not very busy at the time so we managed to chit chat a bit while I had my coffee... Ice coffee.... NOMNOMNOM!

Cooking bacon in bacon (meaning pork wrapped in bacon), waiting for Pete to hurry home after BJJ to eat and run through the shower before going to the movies. I have a feeling we will be late (ah well). Iron man 2 starts at 20:45, and we need to get our tickets from the machine first. Should leave the house around 20.15 to get there on time and all (most likely will be leaving later, I know my man... hmm.)


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