søndag 22. januar 2012

well hi there..

Are you still around? If you are -wow, aren't you the most patient person out there. I haven't existed on my blog for ages.. And in all fairness I don't even know if I am really back right now.

Lately I've had plenty of time off. I've been on sick leave (not fully) for a while -which have resulted in me sleeping a whole lot more, and staying up a whole lot longer at night. Not working as much as I wish I could (without work I feel incomplete) and being depressed about not working. The sick leave was because of a ganglion on my foot, which I have now removed.

Before I went to surgery I read the surgery letter one more time -in which it said "no more than 1-3 days of sick leave might be necessary". That made me worried, as I had booked a flight to my moms for eight days, total of ten days after surgery. My doctor and the operating site had told me that it was most likely a two week sick leave after surgery. I worried for no reason. I now have a total of five (almost six) weeks sick leave, and I am supposed to be off of work until the 1st of March. That's a ridiculous amount of time, and to be fair I probably will go back to work before that.

My stitches needs to be removed within fourteen days. Today I freaked out because I couldn't put a shoe on my right foot, which means tomorrow when I leave the house I have to have a sock on my foot, and I will not be able to walk properly -and have to actively use my crutches. Fact of the matter is, I CAN walk on my foot. Only not outside -because it is winter and I can not wear flip flops.

This makes me depressed. So the likely-hood of me blogging more is no higher than it's been the last few weeks. Just thought I would let you know what was going on.

Lot's of wordfeud, lots of twitter, facebook... and if you wanna talk to me, a tweetmessage is just all it takes.


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