torsdag 5. august 2010


So whaddaya know, it's august already and the "biggest" part of summer is over. 3 weeks in the US flew by, although I must admit walking in to my own apartment, and sleeping in my own bed was fantabulous. It's been a looong two first weeks at work, but it's finally paying off as I have friday completely to my own disposal. Have to love being a pharmacist when you have an agreement to have every fourth friday off (iiiha). Also gotta love the fact that I have 5 weeks of paid vacation, and that I have the most awesome boss that gives me time off extra too (but mainly because I've worked overtime) and that I will thereby have had like 6 weeks of vacation instead in the grand year of 2010. Too bad he is quitting 1st of November to take over another pharmacy...

This weekend we are celebrating my uncles 40th birthday by having a big bash out on the farm. it will be good seeing my family again, and seeing the kids. They have been nagging my aunt to come over and stay at mine and boyfriends place for a while now (or the smallest cousin has) - no wonder, we are the cool cousins to hang with as we have a ton of videogames and don't really care if they play them all day. We also have rings in our living room which makes for great gymnast fun too! I mean, who wouldn't want to visit us and have a sleepover?

I've come to realize my blog is mainly about myself. I'm not the kind of person who has a lot to say about the community, about politics, about how you should live your life. Basically I just don't know what to write about it, and I am not very interessted in politics or a certain way of living either. I've talked about weightlifting and crossfit at times, and also about how to eat right. Now how to eat right is a very hard thing to discuss. First of all, we are all different, and have different lives and different needs. I sure wish I could make myself some good salads and eat that for breakfast lunch and dinner, but turns out, I suck at planning ahead. I also suck at eating, as often I don't feel like eating, but my body keeps telling me I should. This leads to me eating crappy instead of healthy, making me feel more crappy because the sugar and maltodextrin+++ gives me an insulinspike that quickly disappeares... Seriously, being with my boyfriend has changed my view on alot of things, especially food. Turns out, knowing better isn't always a good enough reason to do what you should be knowing better.

However! Yesterday we went all out and got brownies at 20.50. Ten minutes before the store closed we put our shoes on and RAN to the store to make it so that we could have cake. Ace of cakes is a really bad show to watch if you have a bit of a sweet-tooth. They do make awesome cakes though! I've also really enjoyed cupcake-wars on TLC. Really funny show where four contestants compete to make the ultimate cup-cakes for some event.

I'm yabbering again. TTYL

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