tirsdag 24. august 2010

Not taking it

I've decided not to take the job. It's too much stress, both getting there and back, and the thought of taking over the pharmacy at this point. I would love to manage a pharmacy, but not this one, and not at this time. I am sure my regional manager will try to persuade me. But it's not about the money, or just about the travel time, it's about what I had been planning for the next 8 months of my life. It's about not wanting to move closer to aker brygge to take the boat, or out to the peninsula where the Pharmacy is anyway.

I'm still curious on who will be my new boss, and what will happen there. But hey, maybe in a while, there will be a possibility that I can take over another pharmacy within a year or two. I don't know what we want to do, I don't know if we want to buy a house or not within a year. I don't know whats going to happen, and taking the job would lock me down more than it would let me go in terms of freedom. I like my apartment, I like my job -although it may be boring at times. Argh... talking about it makes me wonder if I am doing the right decision, but choosing to take the job is making me more stressed out than not taking it, and I think that gives away my answer right then and there. There is no rush to become apothecary.. it can wait 2-4 years if it must.

How are you?

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