søndag 20. juni 2010



Not much to write these days -thereby, no blogging. It's weird really. I've had Martine over for two weeks, it feels like no time at all. Time fly by when you have work and busy lives with all the stuff going on around it. Synne came to Oslo a few days ago, and now she took over the relay-stick (it is the proper word for it, but I like "stafettpinne" better) and is currently occupying my sofa. Good times.

Summer has fallen down from the skies, yayyy!! It's sunny and warm and you never have to wear a jacket. Now I must admit -Peter has been wearing no jacket forever. In one little week we will be on our way to America and we will have a three week long vacation with no worries but what to eat, which surely can't be a problem in that country. We are going to try and squeeze in time with as many people as possible, and even make it for a week up north to see our good friends in Montreal.

I find myself content with the way things are right now. I know there are still issues to be resolved with my dad. I know there are still alot of heartache to go through, but I just don't feel like doing that right now. I love my man, I love my life, but since I didn't get the job, I am opening up my options for moving, either within or out from the country. There's no day like today, and no moment like the present. -Which I just proved by shoving my face full of "small-candy" (another good norwegian word, smågodt), alot of Pistasjio ice-cream and three whole wheat buns... NOMNOM. Oh Oslo thou art dangerous, there is too short of a distance between the deli-delucas and the 7elevens.

cyas all later, can't promise any blogging for some weeks, maybe I will, maybe I won't.

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martine sa...

I miss you already. so happy you're driving up to visit us. I love both you and peter! <3 <3 <3