tirsdag 29. juni 2010

of course

...war is a bad thing. My last post might have been kind of awkwardly written. It was written in affection and in sorrow so please forgive my kind of weird way of saying things. Just wanted to point that out. I am in fact Norwegian, Norwegians are in general against war and yes, our defence is called our national defence for a reason. Sadly however, fact is that war IS going on, and people, sivilians and army are getting killed, and that is sad.

To add to the fact it made me think of dead boyfriend too. Ah well, to be a bit politically uncorrect (more politically uncorrect) about it all, we all are still alive, and we will be fine. It sure doesn't feel like it for the people left behind right now, but it is, as I have experienced a fact. I remember the worst part of the days after the death was that the world just seemed to move further, and I felt like I just stood still watching it move. It sucked ass..

Again, Rest in Peace Simen and your fellow soldiers -you will all be missed.

(In random chain of events american TV just had a political thing about the fact that the Afghan war is the longest war in american history (atleast on forein soil maybe?? -I'm no history student).

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martine sa...

It was not that awkwardly put...I got that you didn't mean war was good. Sorry if it sounded like I said you shouldn't feel sad. I just feel strongly about Norway's part in this war, to the point where it became one of the reasons why I chose not to try out for the military.

milspecchick sa...

My husband is American Military. War sucks. As of just a few months ago, the period of time that we (the USA) have considered the conflict in Afghanistan an official "war" time, just surpassed the time we were officially at "war" with Vietnam, which had previously held the record. Somewhere over 8 years which makes it the longest war ever, foreign or domestic as far as the US is concerned. Whether or not people are fighting and dying, the government here starts the clock when congress says its war, not when the conflict actually starts or other people get involved.

I find it ironic that the record holders for war length are this war and Vietnam. Seems like we can get things done a lot faster when the majority of the country actually agrees with the cause.