mandag 21. juni 2010

Not quite afterall.

I'm bored, waiting for P to finish work. He should be done any minute, but are working on something so I assume it will take a bit longer than expected. We're going to the park for a birthday celebration, I bet I will go insane not being able to go to the bathroom (haha, ain't my blog interessting to read?). The weather is fantabulous, I think it should have been this way this weekend too, but ah well, guess I'll have to make the most of it. I don't start work until noon tomorrow, and 11 the next day, so some morning sunshine will do me good.

Payroll ppl f'ed up my paycheck this month, so I got about 10k less than expected. That sucked ass, but I should be getting some more tomorrow. I won't get double (which was half expected), but I mean, with the tax money I'm getting back I should be pretty good for the summer. It's now only 6 days for departure america, yayayayayyaa... Can you tell I'm excited to go?
What I'm more excited about than anything is just to enjoy time with P without having to plan on it. Weekends just seem to fly by, and even though I don't mind weekends indoor with TV and or computers in addition to lunch and workouts with good friends, they just run out too quickly. Atleast when we are in the US it's easier to just take a drive somewhere to visit someone and not just sit indoor even if the weather is crap.

I want to find some new websites to read on. Even though I should read on marksdailyapple and more of the crossfit, paleo etc sites that I already read on. I dunno, sometimes I just find it hard to sit down and read alot, and it doesn't feel like the information I read get into my head, it just kinda stays out there on the outside.. (hihi, that sounded weird...makes sense in my head though). If you have any good ones let me know though, I could always use some more information.

One of the new students are kinda... odd.. First of all she corrected me when I told a customer that after a certain time, say ten years, a patent runs out and other drug companies are allowed to make the same drug. Now ok, tbf, I don't remember how long a patent runs, but that was beyond the point. She corrected me by phrasing it @mee: I think you said something WRONG. ok? You said that patents run out after 10 years, its actually 20...
I must admit I became a bit offended, it was her second day and she was corrected me. To be fair, she is probably (very likely) correct, but the point wasn't to have a class on patent law for the customer, but to tell her that after a certain amount of time things change.
So, today, I showed the student this awesome site where some guys (maybe girls, I dunno, whatever) have listed all supplements and put them in a bubble chart. The bubblechart displays the evidence for the supplements, along with their suggested diseases to prevent&or aid. All in all there is a "worth it" line that tells you if the supplements evidence basis is good enough to actually be worth taking it or not. Anyway, new student then says, ha ha, well look at the sitename, alot of those sites are just bullshit according to some of our teachers..

I'm like, ok hon, but you see this chart is based on alot of studies, looked up through PubMed (and actually cochrane too, although cochrane isnt the best source for material always) and have very well documented stuff... ARGH! Why does she think that I, as a professional, would show her a site where the information was taken out of the blue?? ARGH! Yes, I am overreacting, but she was/is being annoying at several other things and sometimes, its just not what I need right there and then... And also I'm superready for vaca...


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martine sa...

Hm, patents run out after 20 years. For pharmaceuticals one can apply for an additional 5 years on top of that. (Google is my friend). But as you said, that is not the point. The point is that you're her boss, and she undermined you in front of a customer. It's rude and unnecessary. If you'd told someone to take something which was harmful to their situation then I'd get it, but this time, I'm all on your side.

That being said, it could be she's just not a people person. Maybe she doesn't understand that her slightly crass way of being can make others feel bad. If she keeps it up, maybe you should talk to her about it? If not, she could just be a little socially awkward. Anyways annoying. *hugs*

Cassandra sa...

This girl sounds like one of those annoying people who are just waiting around for someone to say something she knows is wrong, just so she can have the pleasure of correcting them. Stupid person, she obviously has no life.

(OK, maybe a bit judgmental and harsh, but it's late and I should be getting to bed...)