torsdag 24. februar 2011

online boredom

Lately I've been sitting in front of my computer not knowing where to surf. In all honesty I'm pretty bored online, and I guess all the lowcarb/workout blogs, or to be honest, "I am trying to lose weight" posts out there have just gotten pretty boring to me. It seems like every woman on this planet is losing weight, and then my question is, how about loving yourself as you are for once? We don't all need to lose weight! And even though I understand all these girls, I find myself getting ANNOYED for some stupid reason.. I mean, honestly, you guys are all fine the way you are -please see that ?
todays dinner... nomm!!!!
I will admit, I am throwing rocks in my own little glass house here, in all fairness I have years and years of self-loathing to take from. I don't mean to sound.. well, mean, but I can see that obsessing over other people losing weight isn't really a great way of dealing with my own shit either. Silly.

Today I had a conversation with my boss (regional manager), I have gotten on track again with my job, although I still have struggles in my every day life at work, trying to find out what the F/H everyone is up to in the back. I have never understood those pharmacies that have people working in the far back, and never appearing in the front desk. Gue
ss what? It's in the front all the customers are, that's where you make the money and save your job.

I've come to realize that I have to take charge and steer in whichever direction I want to go. The sad part however is that it's not my dream job, it's not my dream pharmacy, and I want to have respect before I quit there -not very likely to happen. Also, we have something going on that might lead us to the US within the next six months if necessary... We hope we don't have to, but if we do, I will not let my non-dream-job stand in the way of us going somewhere.
anyway. I got myself some more toys :) A new schedule/planner, and Yngvild brought me a kindle from the US. WEEEEEheeeee, an e-book reader is exactly what I need on the dreaded way to work. It's tiny and cute and awesome, and I already downloaded a few books onto it. The pictures tell the story themselves now don't they!?

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Stine =)) sa...

Min kjære jobb pc har akkurat blitt kjent med google toolbar og spurte sporenstreks om jeg ville oversette denne siden når jeg kom inn på den. Ikke husket jeg at jeg har dansk operativsystem og det ble riktig så festlig lesning =)

jeg følte bare at jeg måtte dele dette =)