søndag 20. februar 2011


I know, I haven't blogged, I don't blog. Every time I get an idea for a blog post, I'm walking from one place to the next, or I'm on the tram, or I'm on the boat or at work in the middle of something. I'm settling in at work now, I have taken charge over the whole personal/staff thing, and I am now setting up all of our lists on where everyone should be at what times -and that feels good. It does mean that I am spending a lot of time on the computer making lists, also after coming home from work. This morning I realized that I have not sent in a bill that is due next week, so Monday morning (which sadly is tomorrow) I have do to some office work... Boy do I hate office work, that's the one downpart to being manager.
Anyway, enough about work -well partly anyway. I am currently waiting for my REN skincare citrus mask to work (max ten minutes) and then rinsing it off. We have got the whole line in our pharmacies these days and as a courtesy we are allowed to take the testers home for a night and trying them out. Nothing like recommending products that you have already tried out on yourself. In addition to that I have gotten the peeling mask, the mayday mayday rescue balm (replacement for the Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream apparently) and a keep young and beautiful serum on my hands, and are testing them out for a while. I took home the firming body lotion and another mask, plus the body scrub -Should be set for a while, haha. In addition to that, lately I have bought a new MD face/body scrub recommended from several blogs, and! three new nailpolishes from BarryM. Shopping much?
Didn't tell you the best part yet -I both found my old digicam, AAAND celebrated by buying a new one. I now have a Canon EOS550D on my hands, spent way too much money (about 1000USD) but then again, it's my gift to myself -it was even on valentines day!
How have your days been ?

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Speilvendt sa...

MD scrub er elsk!

fine dager, det vet jo DU! ;D