mandag 28. februar 2011


Did I mention I got a kindle ? It's all kinds of KOS. :D

...because of recent personal events, the possibility of me and my man moving to his hometown in the US have once again come up. I am worried... Worried because I wish we didn't have to make this decision, right after we have already planned to most likely stay back here for as long as possible. I can't say much about it, if you wanna know and you know me ask me about it, it's personal, but everything is ok for now.
In other news, look at the view from our house at night -pretty huh ? Work was tiresome today, assuming it will be equally as tiresome tomorrow as I have a lot to do with closing the month off accountant wise, plus having a lot to do with the institution deliveries too. Ah well, hard working life I guess. I can tell travelling back and forth is tearing on me, but at the same time I have four and/or five day work weeks, compared to others who work a hell of a lot more -I really should not complain. So what if I come home from work late, who cares, P isn't home, and food is not going to make it self. I NEED, NEED NEED to learn how to eat enough whilst at work, but it's hard, I kind of always squeeze food out of the equation when I'm stressed out. Thankfully I don't really deal much with the "back" where I work, and the more I am in the front, the less stressed out I am. My office looks like shit, haha, I have so many papers to sort, but nothing important really, and I know where everything is.

Again, enough about that. I am still bored online, I don't know why, I just seem to get annoyed from all the things I used to like reading about -maybe I have changed. Therefore I normally resend my facebook info and hope someone updated their status in to something interesting.. let me tell you, 99,99999% of the time, nothing happens -haha, my sad life for ya. My kindle is my new lover, and it is awesome. This morning I even forgot my morning radio show (mainly since I had forgotten my ipod at home, but never mind that).

I'm blabbering, shutting up now

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