mandag 27. februar 2012


I've never been much of a girl-y-girl. Never did any good with make-up, or hair for that matter. Never dressed up -mainly just down. I love my jeans, and I hate wearing heels -in addition to that I NEVER wanted to get married. Let me clarify the fact that I don't/didn't want to get married by the information that my mom is happily married to my stepfather and has been since I was 6, now being 27 -that is over 20 years of happily ever after to draw inspiration from.

I just finished reading this book -this very simple book about a baker. It's a full on chick lit, where you know the whole story-line before it even begins. But it moved me, it made me want to have a wedding too. To have a best friend standing by my side, not necessary a white dress or a hundred guests... But just this one moment in time where the one I love, and me are the only things that matter in the world.

I feel somewhat selfish to think this... As if we aren't the only things/people that matter in the world in other situations? It's all about cherishing the moments in life, all the moments, big and small.

I had my best friend stay over for a few nights. She lives in Turkey... I hate the fact that my two best friends, her and my other friend living in damn Canada are so far away. What the hell, you find good friends and they leave you here in the `#¤#%%&/? cold Norway. Okay fine, I like Norway -I think I might actually love Norway, and the safety that is our social economy and way things work. It worries me that we are moving closer and closer towards the american system... Privatized healthcare is not the way to go guys.

Anyway, back to the moments, my most cherished part of this visit was the two of us, snuggled on each end of the couch drinking buckets of tea... Literally -they are buckets.. (well fine, they might not hold more than 4dl of water, but still). We've been calling them buckets ever since 2005 when we had our second shared apartment together. I can't begin to count how many times we have snuggled up under a blanket, watched crappy TV and just enjoyed each others company -small things, big differences.

I'm all alone on my couch now -but I cherish these three days more than most things that has happened lately. The perfection of having silence together, of just working together, functioning together in an environment is awesome. Me and her has always had that, we move around each ocher in the kitchen like we were an old married couple -I have my chores, she has hers. Boyfriend even comments sometimes how ridiculously well we seem to fit.

Yet another ramling post.. When am I ever going to sit down and actually write something that makes sense?

Today I'm thankful for old friends, and new -I love you all to bits.


And yes, I will start posting pictures again -just... eventually

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nascentnovelist sa...

Love you too!

I can relate to that wedding thing. Especially now that friends of mine are getting married over here (one very private: five people ceremony and out for beers, other couple: mega traditional written invitations sent out 6 months ahead), I start wanting it too. I don't think there's anything wrong with that though. It's a celebration of love. Necessary? No. Nice? Heck, yeah.

(You get girl points for you nail polish and hair products.)

liseliten sa...

Min største drøm, helt siden jeg var liten, var/er å gifte meg :) stort bryllup, hvit kjole.. Og ekte kjærlighet :)

Herlig med slike venner, hvor alt bare stemmer. Har noen få slike selv, gull verdt.

Ida Sundae sa...

jeg har heller ikke hatt lyst til aa gifte meg. skilsmisser over hele linja. men man skal aldri si aldri..

<3 miss u honey!