søndag 12. februar 2012

Love in 400 words (or less?)

A while back someone sent me a link to Love in 400 words, a competition of sorts online about writing the best tale in four hundred words. Now I don't think I ever got to four hundred. I even think this text is in dire need of some work, but I can't quite wrap my head around it, so for now.. this is it.

"The day I realized I had fallen in love with you I was sold. I didn't know what had happened, but it was something. Maybe the way your body grew in to your face during the last year. Later I've come to realize that all men go through this metamorphosis when they come of age.

The night of my birthday I realized my fascination had turned in to a crush. The way you moved, stood, looked. The smile on your whole face not just your mouth. How do you approach the unapproachable?

A month after that I realized that I could. Snuck my way in to your heart and your bed. It was the most amazing time I ever had. That's the night I started loving your chest. That's the second lesson I learned about men -the chest is the best pillow in the world.

The few months we had together was incredible. I remember planning our future when reality slammed me in the face.

You died.

You disappeared out of my life with a bang.

I've never hurt so much in my life, not before, not after.

And the chest... They opened the chest -and I hated it."

Let me know if you like it.

2 kommentarer:

liseliten.com sa...

Ååå... Kjempefin, men sterk tekst. Fint og godt - og pang. Smerte.

Skulle ønske det var fiction.

Klem <3

Anintua sa...

Takk for kommentaren.. Den varmet, og jeg skulle ønske det jeg og.
Varm klem tilbake