fredag 23. juli 2010

Stomach ache and electrical problems

I had too much strawberries with milk and cream...I don't know if it was the half bad strawberries or if it was the cream, but my stomach isn't feeling too good.

I had to close the pharmacy at noon today. The electricity had been out for three hours (alarm system still up and running though, good thing). I am going back to the pharmacy in a couple of hours to make sure everything is still up and running, PLUS figure out if we can open tomorrow or not. Five is when we are supposed to CLOSE today anyway, so there better be NOone waiting for me ('cept for one person who already called). It's funny, this is my boss second day of vacation, and already everything is a mess -isn't that typical, first one bad things happen and then the next.

Waiting for your cellphone to charge is pretty boring :P It's all I'm doing right now, since I have to be able to recieve calls from customers needing their meds. I ordered tickets to go home to see my family in sept/oct, this means I will NOT be going to Turkey to visit Ronja this year.. It sucks, and I am really sad about it.. But I really can't manage another vacation before october, and also the flights would be an extra 2 hours down there... Not that the bustrip from Evenes is less than 2 hours, but atleast I'm not leaving the country.

I've been travelling alot this year. First it was Fuerteventura in January, then I went up to Indre Troms to help out with a kickboxing event. After that I went to Rome with work during first of may weekend, before going 3 weeks to America with Pete this last 3 weeks. Antoher trip abroad is just too much for this year, and even though I am probably using all my hours and holiday-days this first week of October, I don't think we would have had the oportunity to go home for Christmas anyway. I have no idea how to break that to my mom, but I guess I have to do it one way or another.

I mean, is it very wrong of me to go home a week in October where I know I have the time, rather than hope I can find cheap tickets to go for a stressful five days in December... Nah, I don't really think so... I will have about ten days at home instead of mentioned five, PLUS there is no stress of christmas foods or meeting family for holiday dinners and or coffee+cake. All in all, good decision. Just wish Peter could come too.


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martine sa...

It sounds good to me! Turns out, we are coming home for christmas. Want to do something since you're staying in Oslo?