fredag 23. juli 2010

Hobby much...

So I disconnected the TV before vacation. Reason? Norwegian NRK takes 1600 kr per 6 months for TV-license. So far (three days of jetlag) it has worked out pretty good. Although it means I have watched several (6) episodes of Greys anatomy, four of CupCakeWars and a couple of Ace of Cakes on my computer lately. Obsess much? Boyfriend has built one of his lego castles... Now I want one too because I was jealous of him building his...

I'm looking at landlords beads and think maybe I should do something there. I remember looing at Julies gorgeous earrings her mom made her, and concidering to make some myself. Going to Michaels in RI freaked me out a bit though, because I am not crafty woman, I am more handy woman. Like today, when I had to call up a gazillion people for fixing the electricity thing. I felt like I was on the phone forever. And even though some man came and helped me, I knew what to do about it. The thing is if I do it myself insurance won't matter if I'm "wrong".

I find myself getting bored of doing nothing, of just watching stuff on my computer. But when you think of it, watching stuff on my computer is no different than watching TV, and I spend less time doing it on my computer than I would TV, so basically it should make me happier. I should have more time to do other stuff, but what is this other stuff that I want to make time for? Really? Not much to be honest! :) I'm not crafty woman, I am handy woman.

Assuming going into lifting will be a good thing, and make my mind be set into another matter. I am going to try to do both lifting and crossfit after a while. Have to get back into workouts first. It's really hard. I'm still jetlagging, and I don't want to be. I wish I could just get off the plane and NOT be jetlagged. I wish jetlagged could go away... GO AWAY JETLAGGED.... :(


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