onsdag 28. juli 2010


Watching so you think you can dance and Cat Deeley is seriously HOT. That woman is TAAAALL. She has the longest legs I've ever seen, although they are always stuck in a pretty nice shiny pair of heels. Whoa, just needed to say that.

Alex is out in this episode, and I am dreading to look online to see if he is cut now. Haha, I can't believe how dedicated I get into TV-shows. Don't even get me started on the season finale of Greys Anatomy... OMFG. I have so many favourites on So you think you can dance though, I don't even know where to start! I mean, they can't all win, and with Alex out this week (the one I had decided was my favourite), I have no idea. Well, right now it is Josè, the B-boy turned contemporary today! (or 4th of July weekend really, but still).

Work this week is... challenging. I am the boss of the pharmacy, currently managing noone but myself! funfunfun :) Can't say more about it, ah well, at least I have someone with me so that I can pee and also get food -yay for food. I'm not eating enough in the evenings because I quite frankly forget. Turns out right now we don't even have any food in the house. Well that was clever now wasn't it..

Ah well, to unfocused to blooooogg... Guess I'll have to make an omelette or something.

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