fredag 10. juni 2011

Problem solved

I solved the problem about my blog, at least for now. If you are any of my old friends, or you are just curious in general you can let me know and I will let you in on the secret. But to be quite honest there is no big secret. Fact of the matter is I wanted to start over, and now I have. All of my old posts are still around, just not on this platform. So that is my first little annoyance about Blogger -it doesn't let you lock or hide posts.

So here I am, blank pages and some language problems -but good to go. I know it isn't possible to be anonymous online, and that was not the reason why I removed my old posts. My reasons was because I was a different person writing those posts, and it was very private. I want this blog to be a way of ranting, without ranting out certain people or places. Well -at least people or places where I am currently residing.

Have a good one guys. Be on the lookout for more posts.

Edit: Just realized I did want some of my personal/ old posts back. Boy do we at least love the import/export option in blogger

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