torsdag 9. juni 2011


My blog has been pretty much me whining about my personal life or my work situation. Which in all fairness is what I use it for, and also the reason why not a lot of people know about my blog.

After writing this entry I see my faults of too many commas and - (tankestrek?) plus (). I hereby excuse myself, and apologize in advance, since I am no writer -and I write how I think, not the way I read.

Today I was at GirlGeekDinnersOslo, and the discussion was around e-books and the digital media (well, the book part of it). Anyway, it made me realize how non-active I am in the digital world these days, and how I only use my twitter account on rare occasions, and as mentioned, use my blog as my personal whine site. I am considering starting a Norwegian blog, but then again, then I would have to change my blog name, and to be quite honest I have no IDEA what I would do name-wise. Second option is to delete my old posts and start all over -but isn't that kind of wrong ? I must admit I have done so over and over again throughout the 10 years of blogging I've had...and woah, I just realized I've been blogging on and off for ten freaking years #scary.

Introducing ourselves we gave a one-liner on who we were, and then some details about our general interest for computers (well, for me anyway, since I have no occupation that goes along with the internets). I just told my boyfriend about this one girl who said she had been on social media since before it was called social media -and I came to realize so had I. I have also been blogging since around 2001 (maybe even before 2001), and I even just realized my old myspace account is still open (though friendless as always). The worst part is, I can see that my old MySpace pictures aren't that old either! (FREAKYYY).

Woah, all this talk has made the clock pass midnight, and we really should go to sleep. Although I don't have regular work tomorrow there is still some work, and the tooth extraction.

The point of this post however was I am inspired. I am inspired by all these strong women who are awesome and innovative, and who seem to be passionate about their everything. I am inspired to get more in to reading again, and in all honesty, I might even consider going back in to the business of books if the right offer came along. All in all I am THRILLED to have been a part of this evening, and must say I have gotten part of my groove back from just this little tiny meeting.
So to whomever read this that was there, or anyone that it might interest, THANK YOU


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Trine sa...

Dette var jo nesten et glad-innlegg! Liker. :) Hurra. Jeg liker det når du har det bra (selv om du ikke skal judge a person by irt blog - det er vel kanskje min et glitrende bevis på). Blogg på norsk? Hvorfor ikke? Navn kan jo være akkurat hva du vil, the sky's the limit, baby! :) Uansett, norsk blogg eller ikke, kan du ikke vise fram perlingen din? Og skrive ned et ønske om å lære deg hekling/strikking/whatever, og så skal Tine og jeg lære deg. :) Alt blir så mer bindende da, don't you think? :)
Da kanskje du vil se deg selv litt mer som det kreative (du er det, det er bare gjemt litt inni deg, promise) og sterke individet du er. Glad i deg, vennen! :)