tirsdag 11. januar 2011

Internet pt. 2.

Short Internet pt 2.
I log on to facebook today and here is what meets me:
Friend on FB
"Does anyone have a USED train, bus or boat ticket I can get, from October, November, December or January from abroad to Norway???!?!"
Replies include:
"haha, what do you need that for"
"I was wondering the same thing"

"Mr X (her boyfriend) needs some sort of "proof" that he came in to the country less than 3 months ago"
Comment: "oh, ok"

Ok, does this person even realize what she is doing now is trying to FRAUD the Norwegian government, AND also posting it on facebook so that everyone can see that she is trying to fraud them? Am I insane to post this? I feel like the Norwegian government is going to find me and tell me to tell them who this is... fair enough, if they do, that is kind of fair.. but WOW do you have to be pretty daft to even post that on facebook.

We can be scared all we want of big brother watching us, or of moneypeople puppeting presidents and such around... but honestly, how can we say we are that much different? What would you do for money? What would you not do for money? How far would you go to protect the one/ones you love. We all sit on our asses pretending to be holy as f***, but then again, are we really?

Not so sure.

2 kommentarer:

martine sa...

Well, yes. I think I can safely say we're better. Have you ever committed fraud?

See, case closed.

Also, if you were to do it, would oyu post it on fb? Definitely better.

trine sa...

herregud, noen mennesker er jo bare helt fantastisk dumme. åh, jeg kjenner jeg blir helt satt ut. håper, håper at dette ikke blir gjennomført!