søndag 16. januar 2011

Internet pt. 3. (it never ends)

So I've had this blog for some years now. I think I started my first blog when I was with previously-mentioned-boyfriend-that-it-took-me four-years-to-get-over. I've written the emotions that I've felt, I've written about break-ups and deaths. My previous eating disorder has also had a big part of my blog world, but lately I've mostly blogged about my nervousness about my new job, and the hardships that come with it.

Then the other day I got frightened. I've realized that the more I poke my nose around the more "famous" bloggers of Norway, the more the likelyhood of someone actually poking in to my blog might know/get to know who I am, and also know where and what I am talking about when it comes to work. Problem is, of course the blog is official, I could have hidden the posts where I mentioned my worries and or fears. I could have password locked the bits where I mentioned my concerns with my new job, and the problems that I am facing being 26 years old, managing people who are about twice my age. The problem is I don't want to... I don't want to hide from who I am, but maybe I should, especially if it gets personal?

The reason I am writing this is because I suddenly got frightened one of the bloggers I have started following might recognize where I work (since it really isn't that hard to recognize), and then maybe she knew someone who knows someone who works for me, and maybe those someones would read my blog and then everything would just be a big massive mess... (long sentence much?)
I make up these situations in my head that are truly bizarre, and there really is no reason why I should. Who cares? Who cares if someone who work for me reads about the challenges I face? Or have faced in the past. If I can't stand for my opinions or feelings, maybe I shouldn't blog about them? True... but fact of the matter is I've always kind of known who the visitors of my blog is, and thereby not have to worry about them telling anyone about it. It has more been a diary for myself, about myself, and nothing else.

Anyway, whoever you are reading this, just remember, this is where I put out my hardships and struggles. As do everyone else who write blogs (well, not everyone, but you catch my drift). Of course there's a lot of things I don't mention, and my work people really ain't THAT hard to work with :) It's just hard being the new girl. Besides, noone can argue that coming in at my age can be a challenge, as you don't get respected as much as someone who is twice your age and have lots and lots of experience..

Have a nice Sunday

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