søndag 2. januar 2011

New year!

We've spent the new year watching ridiculous amounts of the big bang theory. I <3 that show! It is genious :) Well, maybe not genious, but it sure is fun and entertaining for those who find geeks funny. The worst part is I can recognise myself, and a lot of my old friends in the characters, not as a whole, but small parts of them. :) We have also been eating leftovers from new years dinner, which by the way was TDF! Mixing Peters excellent cooking skills, with Julies and mine, was a brilliant idea and turned new years dinner in to a massive feast of foods (and side dishes). Tonje gave the night an even better end with delicious warm blackberries and vanila ice cream for dessert. NOMNOMNOMMMMMM!

Today I have made pancakes, kind of american style, although not the shake mix kind -the from scratch kind. they turned out pretty awesome, however now my tummy hurts :P We also had to buy maple syrup, which in Norway is around 12 USD for a cup of maple syrup - yes, ridiculous expensive. Worth it? Oh absolutely!

I have decided not to have any new years resolutions this year. But as the current events, and my readback of blogposts (or, Martines readback of blogposts and comments I make about myself), I have decided that the least I can do for new years is to treat myself a bit better. I guess it is about time huh? I need to get better at telling myself when I've done something good, and stop kicking my own ass when I have done something that might not be too clever, but isn't the end of the world either!

I have concidered buying a Canon EOS camera, will reconcider it on friday when I might drop by fotovideo to talk to someone who actually knows something about cameras. I have also concidered buying a new phone for myself, and I am very tempted to go all out and just buy a smartphone... Not an Iphone though.... an HTC desire... when buying one though, I am sure I will somehow manage to drop it on the ground several times during the first week, thereby maybe smashing it to pieces. :P Ok, that was being mean to myself, but honestly, isn't that what everyone does at some point? Break their smartphones because smartphones really can't stand that much beating. Old Nokias on the other hand - very resilient phones! Again, I am torn between my wants for pretty things, and my ability to give myself something nice that actually costs a bit of money.

Ah well, should hit the shower and prepare for tomorrows work day.. Isn't it great when christmas comes on a friday and newyears too... :/



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martine sa...

Yes! Ausome!

Og jeg synes du skal kjøpe deg en fin telefon...jeg endte opp med å kjøpe to (fordi jeg mistet min i en pose hummus), men synes fortsatt det var verdt det.